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Parallax Secure Unveils Driver Security Classes for Professional Taxi, Livery and Rideshare Drivers

Updated: Jan 11

Comprehensive curriculum designed by retired Special Forces Operator helps professional drivers prepare to get home safely in the age of carjacking

Recognizing the need for professional, law-enforcement-vetted training, Parallax Secure announces a four-hour curriculum to help professional drivers and ordinary families negotiate the risks, choices and options for driving safely during this time of prevalent carjackings.

“Professional drivers are the front line workers in the age of carjacking. Our curriculum helps these professionals develop a framework for risk-weighted decisions and proven preparation in the event that something goes wrong.”
-Tracy Munday - Parallax Secure President

Parallax’s four-hour class covers all materials needed to develop and implement a personalized plan to cover:

  • AVOIDING the riskiest situations.

  • Creating BARRIERS - physical and psychological - between drivers and bad actors.

  • Effectively COMMUNICATING through their workday and in the event of an incident.

  • DEFENDING or ESCAPING when something goes wrong.

"Right now drivers and chauffeurs are understandably nervous. The reality is we all see and hear too often about things going wrong for our colleagues and friends and there is a lot of confusion about laws and options. The Parallax curriculum helps drivers cut through that noise and develop a personalized plan to help us get home safely and rest easier between fares and bookings.”
-Eli Martin - Discreet Limousine Owner/Chauffeur and longtime driver advocate

Parallax’s Driver Security curriculum is currently offered as a complementary addition to its Illinois Concealed Carry Classes on January 20-21 and February 22-23 in St. Charles Illinois. A $25 discount is offered to professional drivers. 

Parallax’s Driver Security class will be offered as a stand-alone offering in March of 2024 and can be tailored for specific driver groups and localized legal realities.

About Parallax Secure

Parallax Secure is dedicated to helping people live securely and safely at home and on the streets. Parallax leadership brings operational and tactical experience from the world’s highest-conflict zones in order to help our clients and students stay safe and rest easily. 

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