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Concealed Carry and Driver Security

Two Day Courses - Saint Charles Illinois

This intensive two day course fulfills the requirements for Illinois CCL training and qualification through the US Concealed Carry Association’s Concealed Carry and Home Defense curriculum, with a special supplement for Avoiding, Defending or Escaping from a carjacking situation.

July 13-14 and August 24-25 

Development of Personal and Home Protection Plan

Students will have the tools and resources necessary to form actionable plans for Avoiding, Defending or Escaping encounters at home, on the streets and on the roads.


Selection, use of and care for defensive firearms

Students will learn how to pick the right firearm for their particular needs and lifestyles, how to operate concealable firearms reliably and to store firearms safely and basic care and maintenance.


Illinois and Federal Laws

Students will learn the legal requirements for storage, carry and transportation of firearms and relevant use-of-force laws.


In addition to this in-depth curriculum, students will experience:
Complete range qualification for CCL

Guided by Parallax instructors, students will complete the range requirements for Illinois CCL application. 


Mobile Security Plans and Scenarios

Parallax instructors will provide the basic frameworks for Avoiding, Defending and Escaping violent encounters while driving and introduce Parallax’s full methodology for Mobile Safety.


Lead Instructor - Tracy Munday


Tracy built his career as an elite US Army Special Forces Operator.

As a Green Beret, Tracy served as Operations, Intelligence and Engineer Sergeant for several Special Operations A-Teams. Tracy trained US and allied warriors around the world in Threat Assessment, Rifle and Pistol Marksmanship and other topics - including training Thailand, Philippine and South Korea’s elite Special Forces.  Tracy spent four years as an instructor at the US Army’s John F Kennedy Special Warfare Center and School at Fort Bragg, North Carolina.

Tracy retired from the Army with the US Army Meritorious Service Medal and other honors.


After his service, Tracy spent 10 years as a contractor working as a Manager and Theater Director for a logistics and transport company operating within some of the world’s most hostile environments - including Darfur, Sudan and Kandahar, Afghanistan - and successfully managed security for staff, machinery and ongoing operations.

Now, Tracy lives in Steward Illinois with his wife Terri and their dogs. When not working with Parallax clients, Tracy’s need for adventure is satisfied by tracking his Mustang Boss 302 in races and events across the country.

Tracy is a USCCA and Illinois State Police Certified instructor as well as a Certified NRA Range Safety Officer.

Location, Facilities and Accommodations

Students will have the privilege of completing their training in the Kane County Sheriff’s Tactical Training Center - including state-of-the-art classrooms and range. Lunch and coffee will be provided both days.



  • llinois FOID card

  • Documentation of Kane County residency and/or driver/livery licensing or credentials for discounts

  • Signed waivers for Kane County Sheriff’s office and Parallax Inc.

  • Concealable handgun OR arrangement with instructors for loaner firearm and 100 rounds of ammunition for range qualification.

Successful students will receive:
  • Signed certificate for application to Illinois State Police for Illinois Concealed Carry License

  • A personalized training plan for continued development



  • $250 includes lunch and drinks provided by partners

  • $25 discount for Kane County Residents

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Reach out with any questions or to schedule classes or consultations.

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