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Parallax Secure Home

Your home is your castle. We help you form a solid plan to keep your home secure, your family safe and your mind at ease.

Based on our military and contractor experience and in consultation with thought leaders and law enforcement, Parallax Secure has developed a unique method for homeowners to AVERT bad actors, use physical and electronic BARRIERS to keep them out, COMMUNICATE AND COORDINATE effectively in the event of an intrusion or threat and ESCAPE OR DEFEND themselves and their homes if something bad occurs.

The Parallax Home Method 


Criminals look for easy targets. Learn how to make your home unappealing and high-risk to bad actors

Communicate / Coordinate

Plan, prepare and practice exactly what everyone in your home will do and say in the event of a intrusion or threat


Ensure your home is as hardened as possible - through through physical barriers and reinforcements

Defend / Escape

We will work with your household to plan, prepare and practice a system to escape harm and/or defend your home with whatever tools you find appropriate.

Get Started Now!

Sign up now and Parallax Secure staff will contact you to get the information needed to begin the process of securing your home and your family with a Level I: Avert Report. 

Learn more

If you'd like to discuss a full plan - including Communication, Defense and Escape - or have any other questions about your particular situation, drop us a line today.

Areas Served

Parallax Secure Home is Currently available in the following areas.

Kane County: Including Aurora, Naperville, St Charles, Geneva, Batavia, Elburn, Sugar Grove, Maple Park and all other towns and unincorporated areas

DuPage County: Including Naperville, Wheaton, Lombard, Lisle, Oak Brook and all other towns and unincorporated areas
Cook County: Including Chicago, Evanston, Winnetka, Lake Forest, Highland Park and all other towns and unincorporated areas

McHenry County: Including McHenry, Crystal Lake, Algonquin, Woodstock and all other towns and unincorporated areas

DeKalb County: Including DeKalb, Sycamore and all other towns and unincorporated areas

Rockford, Rochelle, Belvidere

Contact Us

If you need more information about our services, please do not hesitate to contact us. You can reach us by phone, email or via our social media channels.

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