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Level I: Avert

Parallax Secure staff works from exterior photographs, public records and local crime statistics to provide homeowners with a comprehensive report on things you can do to help ensure that bad actors do not target your home.

Your report includes vulnerabilities related to:

  1. Siting of home 
  2. Door window and lock appearance
  3. Landscaping
  4. Fencing
  5. Lighting
  6. Security system/camera appearance
  7. Garage/parking


Your report will include actionable improvements with cost estimates so you can make to help make your home undesirable to intrududers.


Level II: Barriers

Parallax Secure staff works from the Level I report, evaluates your home in person and provides a comprehensive report on how you can keep intruders who have picked your home from gaining access.

Your report adds to Level I by including vulnerabilities related to:

  1. Door, lock and construction hardness
  2. Window, lock and construction hardness
  3. Electronic monitoring and security system
  4. Fencing, landscaping and other barriers


Your report will include actionable improvements you can make to keep keep intruders from entering your home.



Parallax Secure Home Level I/II

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