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Join us for very small, 2-hour classes to take your skills to the next level.

Bring your concealable firearm (cased and unloaded), holster, secure belt and at least 150 rounds of ammo. If you'll join the Shotgun/Rifle class - feel free to bring your own firearms as well. Make sure to wear something that appropriately conceals the firearm (jacket, vest, sweatshirt or shirt that conceals) for training purposes. 

There will be four classes offered June 15:
LEVEL 1 9am: Appropriate for all students who have completed Parallax CCL class
- Holster draw technique

- Target-focused shooting

- Double taps vs controlled pairs
- Beginning Drills
- Live fire from Position 3 (high compressed ready) to the target in ascending sets.

LEVEL 2 11am: Appropriate for students who have successfully completed LEVEL 1
- Review holster work

- Expansion of drills

- Draw from concealed holster to live fire

- Draw from concealed holster to live fire drills

LEVEL 3 1pm: Appropriate for students who have successfully completed LEVEL 2

- Review holster work

- Holster draw/movement - getting off the X

- Expansion of live fire drills

- Clearing and mag changes under pressure

- Live fire drills with target transitions


SHOTGUNS AND RIFLES 3pm: Appropriate for any student wanting to learn about shotguns, pistol-caliber carbines (PCCs) and AR platform rifles for home defense or range practice.

- Intro to defensive/tactical shotguns 

- Ammo selection for defense and range

- Intro to pistol caliber carbines and black rifles

- Basic live fire of all platforms


Parallax alumni may sign up .

Place quantity of classes you want in your cart and purchase for registration and we will work with you for scheduling the appropriate classes.

Advanced Classes June 15

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