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Home, Personal and Driver Security Consulting, Evaluation and Training

About Parallax Secure

Parallax Secure is a security and training practice offering home, personal and driver security consulting and training. Our mission is to provide our clients with the best possible security solutions for their professional and family needs. Our team works tirelessly to ensure that our clients are safe and secure in their homes at work and on the go. 

New & Upcoming

"The instructor was very helpful while we practiced at the range prior to testing. I would highly recommend!!"

Amy B.

"The knowledge these guys have will save your life.  Everyone should take this class. It’s fantastic."

Ted P.

"Awesome experience! Great instructor with a strong and solid background, and a very cool setting."

Mehmet C.

"The class was great! Tracy has a wealth of knowledge and is a great instructor"

Jonathan B.

Recent Student Reviews

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Parallax Secure brings elite military and international operational security experience to Illinois CCL and Driver Security Training. Our instructors are certified by the US Concealed Carry Association and approved by the Illinois State Police. 
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Parallax Secure Home

Our unique methodology helps families work together to develop plans to make their homes undesirable to home invaders, keep them from entering and helps them develop solid, unified, plans in the event of a security incident at home. Parallax Secure Home clients sleep better at night and know that they are doing everything they can to protect their families and their homes.
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Reach out to talk about training or consultation or to schedule a session. We're here to help.

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